Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cake Stand Wonderland: Bountiful - Venice, CA

I took a trip to Bountiful in Venice yesterday after seeing it on 100 Layer Cake last week. I had been there before about a year or so ago and had been wanting to go back ever since...I mean, just look at all those cake stands! I shudder to think of what will happen during an earthquake - yikes! Anyways, the store is obviously amazing in terms of its cake stand collection -- there are SO many cake stands in quite a few colors.  However, it's kind of uncomfortable to walk around because you're afraid that you'll bump into something and knock everything down! I'm afraid of knocking them down just by looking at the photos I took ;)


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  2. What's their average price? Love their stands!! Is it worth driving from the OC to Venice?

  3. Christin - that was my second and LAST trip there. Their cake stands are WAY overpriced. Sweet and Saucy Supply has them MUCH cheaper.