Monday, December 6, 2010

Candy Cane Cakepops

I love cakepops. After having made them probably about a dozen times I think we've finally worked out all the kinks.  Although they're time consuming, they are SO worth it.

Last year around the holidays I wanted to make a "candy cane" type of cakepop -- rather than just dipping it in white chocolate and drizzling in red, I decided to flavor the cake with peppermint oil. They turned out great! I've waited all year to make them and finally got around to it this weekend.

It's hard to package cakepops -- I have yet to find a good way to transport them or a bag/box that they fit into just right, but I like how these turned out.  What flavor cakepop do you like best? What flavor would you want to see?

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