Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Review: The Perfect Brownie Pan

Or, how to turn your perfectly good brownies into rocks.  Just after making the. best. batch. of. brownies. ever. we pulled out The Perfect Brownie Pan so that we too could get all of our brownies the same size.  After whipping up our brownie batter we poured it in the pan and inserted the divider thingy.  When they were done baking we removed the brownies from the pan (it's sort of like a tarte pan where you can lift the sides) and lifted the divider. It was perfection. All of our brownies were the same perfect size! We thought, "this is the perfect brownie pan!"

I couldn't help myself, so of course I ate a brownie right away. It was good -- kind of hard to tell for sure since it was still hot.  I had a meeting that day so I packaged up a couple to take to the party.  Everyone ate a brownie but I didn't get the rave reviews I was expecting...I mean, these were the greatest brownies ever! When I got home I ate a brownie to see how it was. I take a bite and ...ew! "OMG!" I thought, "I can't believe I SERVED these to people!"  They were rocks. They were so compact! The divider didn't give my brownies any room to breathe and expand! This is what foot binding must be like - uncomfortable, painful, and an ugly end result.

Needless to say, The Perfect Brownie Pan was not perfect at all. Thank god we didn't pay full price...although I kind of wish I had ordered it on TV because I probably could have gotten my money back because I was NOT satisfied!

Have you used this pan before? What did you think?

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  1. I am shocked to here you say this! I was just writing a review on my own blog about how nicely the brownies turned out from this pan. They were soft and cake like (I actually like them a bit gooey) I wonder if you cooked them too long. I have made 3 batches this weekend and all of them have been soft and chewey even overnight!