Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review: Williams-Sonoma Holiday Piecrust Cutters

I noticed these Holiday Piecrust Cutters at Williams-Sonoma, originally their Thanksgiving set, a few weeks back - they had a station with pie dough and a set of cookie cutters out, so of course I tried them out! They were so easy to use, but Thanksgiving was already a few days away and I knew I wouldn't be baking a pie any time soon.  As I was testing them out one of the employees came by, said there was a holiday set, and offered to bring it out.  As soon as I saw it I just had to have it. I thought of all of the cute little cookies I could make and thought they'd be perfect for setting atop a cupcake.  

I finally got a chance to use them last week when I tested my first gingerbread recipe.  Even though the recipe didn't work, these were a total hit! The face/button indentations on the gingerbread came out perfectly -- they were so so cute and I wished the cookie recipe had turned out okay.  I plan on testing another one, so hopefully I'll have real pictures to share next time!

If you see these at Williams-Sonoma, definitely pick them up! 

[Photos via Williams-Sonoma]

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